About Emerald Isle

About Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle Mineral Water was founded in 1999. It is a family run business taking great pride in the quality of its water which is not chemically treated in any way. It is drawn from a spring well at the base of Slieve Beagh (Bragan) Mountain which has been there for thousands of years and is regarded as one of the purest water sources in the whole of Ireland. The water is pumped into our bottling plant and captured in bottles for your enjoyment.  Created by nature bottled by Emerald Isle Mineral Water.

Emeral Isle Mineral Water provide water coolers for your home, office, or business (Keeping consumers hydrated and healthy). Countertop or freestanding each watercooler comes with two taps, chilled and room temperature. Our water cooler range take either a 19L or an 11L bottle that sits on top. We also bottle 500ML right up to 5L bottle which can be either purchased in shops in the North-eastern Region (Fermanagh, Monaghan, Cavan, Louth, Westmeath and Down) or can be delivered right to your door.

The spring well at the base of Slieve Beagh (Bragan) Mountain is a remarkable natural feature renowned for its pure and pristine water. Drawing from this ancient source, the water possesses a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Nestled amidst the stunning landscape of Slieve Beagh, this well has long been cherished as one of the purest water sources in all of Ireland.

Created by Nature, Bottled by Emerald Isle.

We provide several types of water cooler systems, including countertop models that are compact and easy to install, as well as freestanding models that can hold larger bottles and offer more features

Why we do what we do?

Water cooler systems are a popular way to provide clean, fresh drinking water in homes and offices. These systems typically consist of a dispenser that holds a large bottle of water, either on top or underneath the unit. When the water in the bottle runs low, it can easily be replaced with a full bottle. Some water cooler systems also feature filtration systems that remove impurities from the water, providing an even higher level of quality.

Serving all Sectors

Health, Private, Public, Education and more. Emerald Isle serves all types of businesses and homes with the latest Water Providing Technologies and the purest Water Coolers.

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