Water Coolers


The CO2oler ULTRA uniquely combines the Pressure Vessel Direct Chill cooling System (PVDC) with a CO2 water mixer. The CO2oler ULTRA exclusively gives you both superb chilling and an excellent carbonation performance.

The intuitive LED illuminated buttons ensures a straightforward user process, while the refreshing sparkling water makes them return for more. WaterGuard offers protection against water leaks from cracked bottles and ensures that air-borne pollutants do not enter the reservoir.

The CO2 mixer tank is located inside the PVDC cooling tank which helps to maintain the cold water temperature of the carbonated water prior to dispense. The mixer tank has been moulded from FDA & CE approved plastics. As carbonated water is dispensed, the mixer tank is automatically refilled with cold water & CO2 gas, ensuring that a continuous supply of carbonated water is available.



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