Water Coolers

SKYE Cooler

Skye is the latest addition to our cooler range.

It has the stylish look of our RR2000 series yet its polyethylene cabinet enables SKYE to be at an attractive price point.
A simplistic and modern design that stands the test of time with the performance of our RR series.

The ‘inside-out’ cooling probe design used throughout the entire range of REMOVABLE RESERVOIR coolers ensures a more efficient cooling method, conserving energy and eliminating condensation within the cooler.

The self-supporting cooler chassis can be quickly and easily removed from the cabinet to simplify the maintenance and servicing process. The REMOVABLE RESERVOIR system simplifies the sanitisation process – just replace the water contact parts with pre- sanitised components. Requires no replacement of disposable parts or use of messy chemicals at your customer site.

Reusable Sanitisation kits available for this model. The SKYE is a popular choice for conference centres and offices, as the cooler can brighten up any office environment.



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